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How does it work?

Our hands-on approach ensures you are well-informed and fully prepared for any vehicle transaction, now or in the future


Talk to a Carousell expert to learn more about what we offer, and start planning your next move


Receive a detailed report about your current vehicle, and recommendations for any next step to maximize your value

Guided Transactions

You have the option to opt-in to a hands-free transaction with on-demand help and guided steps throughout the process

Genius Analysis

An Industry-First GeniusReport

A personalized assessment of your current vehicle utilizing DIMO data

What you get:

Personal Access to Auto-Industry Genius
Total Vehicle Spend Report
Needs-Based Transaction Recommendations
DIMO Documentation Verification*
Discount on Further Carousell Transactions
DIMO Tokens Boost
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Personalized Options

Better Vehicle Transactions

It's one thing to recommend solutions. It's another to offer personal guidance through any solution.


Whether selling privately or to a dealership, we will guide you through the entire process.


We help you identify, locate, and purchase the car that suites your needs best.


Users have saved thousands by refinancing their loan. We will walk you through it all.


This complicated process can be made simple by letting Carousell do the heavy lifting.

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Carousell Success Stories

"After I was low-balled by dealerships, I turned to Carousell to sell my car. Not only did they get $2000 more than the highest bid I received prior, but it was the easiest car sale ever."

Jeff Baker

Privately sold his vehicle with Carousell

"Our experience with Carousell has left us confident that we've gotten the best offer for our vehicle. Colin helped us along the way letting us know what to do each step in the selling process. It really was a simple and pain free process that was also very quick!"

Ivik Injerd (DIMO)

Sold vehicle to Carvana through Carousell

"Getting a GeniusReport from Carousell provided me with the insight that I needed to refinance my lease. I was able to save more than $5000 over the next 3 years as a result!"

Alex Rawitz

Refinanced vehicle through Carousell

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