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No matter the transaction type, Carousell has a solution

Buying cars is hard. We make it easy.

By handling the entire transaction from start to finish, we take the crying out of buying.


Consider your vehicle sold.

We deal with the headaches and troubles of selling your car, while maximizing the value you receive.

Other Transactions

Refiance? Lease-Buyout? Done and Done.

No matter the transaction type, Carousell has a solution.

On-Demand Support

Working on your schedule, your Carousell genius is there for you day or night.

Paperwork Guidance

No matter the transaction, your Genius will walk you through all the paperwork and documentation.

Earn DIMO Tokens

The value of your transaction will be converted to DIMO tokens and rewarded back to you.

By harnessing the power of DIMO data, Carousell is able to maximize the value of vehicles connected to our network. Coupled with their outstanding customer service and overall automotive expertise, Carousell is a no-brainer for any DIMO user.

Andrew Chatham


Combining the power of our revolutionary AI-driven vehicle inspection tool with the detail and depth that only DIMO data can provide, Carousell is well-positioned to take the market by storm.

Jameel Ghata


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